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Environmental Monitors provides a selection of air quality consultation services for a range of sectors throughout the UK. We believe the services we provide are not just about monitoring, but providing advice and experience to maintain safety and improve lives.

Do you know the air quality of your home or office?

We can help. Our team of experts have been helping people monitor and improve their indoor and outdoor air quality for years. We’re here to answer all your questions about how we can help you breathe better, live healthier, and feel more comfortable in your own space.

If you’ve ever felt like something was off with the air quality in your home or office, then it might be time to call us. You deserve a healthy environment that makes you feel good every day. And we’re here to make sure that happens by providing solutions for monitoring indoor and outdoor air quality as well as advice on how to improve it. Let us show you what a difference our services can make!

Our Services

Real-time monitoring and reporting for outdoor air quality

Real-time monitoring and reporting for indoor air quality

Stack Emission Monitoring

Stack Emission Monitoring

Performance and emission level testing

Landfill Remediation Monitoring

Landfill & Remediation Monitoring

Collecting, analysing and processing data

Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Protecting workers health by monitoring substances on site

Monitoring & analysing chemicals and gas in the air

Dust Monitoring


Monitoring particulates like pm2.5 & pm10

Noise Monitoring


Assisting with adhering to sound specifications

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What our clients say

I have worked with Adrian for well over 20 years and find him extremely enthusiastic in his approach to dealing with our business requirements. He has an extensive and photographic memory with regard to environmental, occupational and emission testing equipment alongside the test methods used. He can apply a pragmatic approach to solving any problems that we have. We have found him to be professional and flexible and I have total confidence in the service he offers. He is able to provide free advice and clarification and is always a pleasure to deal with!
Bruce Kester


 We can provide simple, easy to follow guidance to get you monitoring

 Environmental Monitoring provide structure training on how to use equipment.

Environmental Monitoring offers hire with support, including report writing

We offer a comprehensive hire service

We can deliver to most places around the world, and with regard to hire we also collect

we are able to offer certain monitoring services

 We are equipped to provide detailed technical advice and support for all manner of monitoring

 We offer various laboratory services