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About Adrian

I come from a family of six children. Dad was a swimming coach and a manager of two leisure centres, mum worked with children with special needs. My earliest recollections are how we moved from bustling London to sleepy Belton in Lincolnshire in the 1960’s.

My father was very good an integrating with the local community, soon we had eggs from the local farmer and help with gardening.
We had a strong sense of community and our Christmas in the village offered a wonderful feeling of Christmas spirit that comes along with a close community that supports one another. Interestingly in June 2020 I posted a small line in Scunthorpe memories , if anyone remember my family and my Dad. Throughout the day we received 72 amazing replies. We had left over 40 years ago! After my A levels, I went to study applied chemistry. This was a difficult time , my father died and it was a struggle, but the support of my fellow students was fantastic, I will never forget that.

After my degree, I went on to study a diploma in air and water pollution control and also gained my first environmental position with Clean Air Engineering, A large US consultancy and manufacturer. Here I was taught how equipment should meet the
requirements of the monitoring standard. I was then introduced to the US EPA code of Federal Regulations. In the UK we tend to use BS EN ( European standards) or ISO standards

I now have three children of my own who are sport mad. My wife is a very successful business person with a large multinational manufacturer.
We believe strongly in the values of hard work, honesty and playing an active role in the community. I have been a governor, a PTA supporter and a Director of the local BID.

With regards to Environmental Monitoring, I understand the support that so many businesses need. It is not just about having a product to do some monitoring. They need to know it is the right product for their business or workspace that will give them the information they need as the softer information, how do I use this and report information with this device. Most importantly for a workplace monitoring device , they need to know it will keep them safe

Air Quality Meter

Our History

Environmental Monitoring provide testing equipment(for sales and hire), services and training. If your uncertain what equipment or method you may need to perform monitoring, please ask the question. Click here to ask a question!  EM-Monitors have provided the UK with the majority of its manual chimney stack sampling systems. We have supplied continuous emission monitoring equipment for world wide gas turbine emission mapping.  Plus countless numbers of workplace dust monitoring kits and training Environmental Monitoring also work with both consultants, manufacturers and end user to understand their application and provide the best monitoring solutions. This may be in the field of:

  • Workplace Exposure Monitoring
  • Workpace Exposure Monitoring Training
  • Stack Emission Monitoring  
  • Landfill and Remediation Monitoring
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Dust Monitoring
  • VOC Monitoring   

What makes Environmental Monitoring unique in the service they provide is that we come from an environmental testing background and understand the nature of testing.  

Everything we can help with

Air Quality

Indicative real time monitoring allows us to view our local area Air quality immediately. Current issue of fine particulates and emissions form diesel engine Such as Nitrogen Dioxide are now well within out reach and affective tools for monitoring emissions in the construction industry Do you need to know more : ask a question contact: info@em-monitors.co.uk

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