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Air Quality Monitoring

The air we breath outside, the ambient air, contains a number of pollutants that are harmful to us and which can require monitoring

What are these and where do they come from?


Particulate matter is important as the smaller particles, less than 10microns are inhalable. Using the size of a human hair which is 50 – 70microns, the Picture opposite illustrates the size of these particles. Particulates my come from burning materials in the combustion process, on fires; fuels in a burner or they may be a chemical reaction, specifically ones involving SO2 and NO2

The effects of particulates on people, is serious. Especially with regards to the heart and lungs. They can cause inflammation of the lungs, decreased lung function and aggravated asthma. Ultimately, and in some cases lead to premature death.

Particulates can be carried over distances and settle in ou rivers and fields. The other gases, NO2 is primarily the product of combustion form road vehicles, plant, large combustion plants (power stations and incinerators) and other combustions processes. The largest source in the UK is deemed to be from cars and vans. Studies show that there maybe a relationship between pm2.5 and NO2. They are harmful because they cause respiratory mortality

SO2-is associated with burning of coal and heavy fuel oil in large power stations ( eg Drax), but also domestic burning of fuel. It can react with to produce secondary particulates. Health effects causing irritant in the throat and nose lining.

Remote Air Quality Monitoring Sales, Hire and Testing services

  • PM10, PM2.5,PM1 plus NO2 (single gas option or up to 5 gases)
  • Mcerts
  • RH,Temp and GPS
  • Download data anywhere into excel
  • Solar options available
  • Ultra low cost of purchase and ownership
  • Outdoor and indoor application