Nitrogen Dioxide Monitoring & Testing

What is Nitrogen Dioxide?

Nitrogen Dioxide is a chemical compound that usually presents itself as an odourless, colourless gas. In nature, Nitrogen Dioxide exists as a radical. It is usually emitted when we burn fuel, wood, coal, and gas. Therefore, as long as you have a cooking appliance, a water heater, a fireplace, or a furnace that rely on these energy sources, then there is a possibility that the air in your house could be contaminated with Nitrogen Dioxide. Unfortunately, a higher-than-normal concentration of Nitrogen Dioxide in your indoor air can negatively affects its quality, which is not good for your health and that of your family.

Effects of Nitrogen Dioxide in the Air

As mentioned above, nitrogen dioxide is an air pollutant, and exposure to a high concentration of this gas can have severe health implications. For instance, high levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air can cause severe damages to the respiratory tract and increase your vulnerability to asthma flare-ups and respiratory infections. It can also lead to chronic lung disease and even damage your sense of smell. In addition to the health effects, high levels of Nitrogen Dioxide in the air can react with surfaces, reduced visibility, damage plants, and discolour furniture and fabric.

However, Nitrogen Dioxide cannot be completely absent in the natural environment. The good news is that it is not harmful in extremely small quantities. The recommended concentration of nitrogen dioxide is 0.03ppm for annual exposure and 0.12ppm for an hour of exposure. The good news is that the level of nitrogen dioxide in the outdoor air is usually below 0.12pmm. However, if you are burning wood or fossil fuels in your house, the concentration of Nitrogen Dioxide in your indoor air could be higher than the recommended levels.

Solutions for Nitrogen Dioxide in the Indoor Air

If you rely on fuel and other fossil fuels to heat your home or to cook, then it is possible that your indoor air could be having a higher-than-normal concentration of nitrogen dioxide, making your house quite an unhealthy dwelling for you and your family. To solve this issue, you need to ensure that to seek the services of a nitrogen dioxide testing expert, such as Environmental Monitors. These professionals have the necessary expertise and equipment to accurately determine the level of Nitrogen Dioxide in your indoor air at any given time.

If the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in your air is too high, you need to improve your home’s ventilation. You can also invest in a vented space heater if you are still using the unvented one. Other solutions for nitrogen dioxide in your indoor air include:

  • Avoid idling in your car in the garage
  • Cleaning the chimey
  • Turning up your fire
  • Installing an exhaust fan
  • Using proper fuel for heaters

Nitrogen Dioxide Monitoring

As you can see, it is apparent that high levels of nitrogen dioxide in your house can be quite unhealthy. You need to ensure that your indoor air is closely monitored for the gas. If you are looking for nitrogen dioxide monitoring solutions in the UK, Environmental Monitors is the answer. Get in touch with us today for more information about our company and products.