All You Need To Know About PM10 Particulate Matter

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Do you know what is in the air you are breathing? What makes our planet liveable is our ambient air, which contains,

What is PM10 Particulate Matter?

PM10 is a pollutant that we find in our air. It is so-named due to the size of the particles. Unlike other contaminants that we measure by chemical make-up, PM10 particles have a diameter of 10 micrometres or less. Ten of them are about the equivalent width of human hair.

There is not just one type of PM10 particle. Their make-up can contain any number of pollutants, for example, mould spores, bacteria, dust and smoke. Plus, like a nesting doll, you can find PM2.5, an even smaller sized particle within PM10 pollutants.

Where Does PM10 Come From?

PM10 can be produced naturally or manufactured and can be indoor or outdoor sources.

Naturally Produced PM10

  • Dust storms
  • Wildfires
  • Seaspray
  • Pollen
  • Animal dust

Man-Made PM10 Sources

  • Mining dust
  • Road dust
  • Construction Dust
  • Landfill dust
  • Agriculture dust primarily from slash & burn farming
  • wood-burning stoves
  • Fossil fuel power plants
  • Bacteria

Is PM10 Harmful?

Yes, these tiny particles can be inhaled and lodging in the lungs creating inflammation and tissue damage. PM10 particles also exacerbate established health issues, like chronic lung disease – COPD and asthma. Symptoms can include,

PM10 & PM2.5 are harmful to our environment in several ways. One of these is the ‘haze’ that reduces visibility. In addition, the increasing amount of particulate matter in the air is harming our climate and ecosystem.

Is Monitoring Air Quality A Solution?

Let’s do the annoying thing and answer a question with another question. Would you like to be aware of the quality of the air you are breathing to know it isn’t harming you?

If you would, then we at Environmental Monitors can help. We supply a range of air quality monitors for indoor, outdoor, home or commercial areas. Alongside this, we offer advice and solutions on improving the air quality you are breathing, assisting in better health for all.

Air Quality Services From Environmental Monitors

Contact our expert team at Environmental Monitors to discuss your requirements. We provide sales, hire and testing equipment. We not only offer our team’s service but also train and educate others on how to monitor their air quality and what to do about any significant problems. Our company also provides additional services that include noise and vibration monitoring.