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We provide a broad spectrum of products and services for our customers. Have a look at some of the work we have completed for previous customers.

Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring have provide training and equipment to a large number of companies who required :

Equipment and knowledge for work place exposure monitoring. While many companies are able to supply equipment, they are not aligned to provide:

A method of monitoring that satisfies the HSE’s requirements

Equipment to meet the standard

A mechanism to enable the client to produce a professional report, including all calculations and corrections

Real time Boundary Monitoring & Noise Management Pln

Environmental Monitoring provided a noise monitoring assessment equipment together with an IOA ( institute of acoustics) experts to provide baseline monitoring and a noise management plan for a rock concert in Kendal for the headline act Status Quo

Dust Deposition Nuisance Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring was requested to provide a boundary monitoring plan over 6 months to review the dust deposition surround a brick works and rock crushing facility in Penrith. Environmental Monitoring provided Frisbee gauge monitoring equipment together with a UKAS laboratory which provided gravimetric analysis of collected samples

Rockwool in South Wales required team training on the use of workplace exposure sample pumps, together with calibration and reporting/ calculation training. Environmental Monitoring w able to provide a team of people to provide training for this and for workplace noise monitoring.

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Air Quality

Indicative real time monitoring allows us to view our local area Air quality immediately. Current issue of fine particulates and emissions form diesel engine Such as Nitrogen Dioxide are now well within out reach and affective tools for monitoring emissions in the construction industry Do you need to know more : ask a question contact:

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