Gas & Chemical Monitoring

Why is Gas & Chemical Monitoring Important?

Environmental Monitors provide a range of services to help people know about the quality of their air. Environmental Monitors have the capability to monitor gas and chemicals in the atmosphere for harmful substances.

People do not always know when they are breathing in dangerous substances that can cause long-term damage or even death. Environmental Monitors offer to monitor services that check for these hazardous gases and chemicals to make sure people are safe from harm, especially in and around industrial workplaces.

Why Choose Us

Our air quality consultants are environmental health professionals with extensive knowledge of the science of air pollution. We are committed to promoting awareness about unhealthy indoor environments, pollutants, exposure risks and how people can make a difference in their own environment, especially when gas and chemicals are concerned. 

We work closely with our clients to advise and educate, after finding out what they are wanting to achieve. We carry out tests to measure the quality of the air in specific environments to identify any gas or chemical pollutants and exposure risks and offer solutions to prevent them. We also work with clients to find products and solutions that fit their needs, such as air filtering machines, filtration devices and home ventilation systems.

Gas and Chemical Monitoring Services

Some of the more common chemicals that Environmental Monitors monitor for are Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide.

Nitrogen Dioxide is a gas that is found in car exhaust and industrial processes. It can cause respiratory problems and lead to respiratory infections.

Carbon Monoxide is another toxic gas that kills by replacing oxygen in the bloodstream and making it difficult for cells to get the necessary nutrients for energy.

Carbon Dioxide is the most crucial greenhouse gas used in global warming. It can be found in the air when fossil fuel sources are burned, whether it’s coal or gasoline.

Sulphur Dioxide is a gas that can cause respiratory irritation and other medical issues. If left unchecked, it can lead to chronic lower respiratory disease, asthma attacks, and death. It is a colourless gas or liquid with a strong, choking odor. It is commonly produced from the burning of fossil fuels (coal and oil) and the smelting of mineral ores (such as aluminium, copper, zinc, lead and iron) that contain sulphur.

Sectors We Cover



A range of exposure monitoring services to ensure the safety of workers on site


Industrial & Factories

Industrial environments & factory air quality monitoring with a range of tools


Air quality & safety monitoring in the agricultural industry 

Commercial Offices

Offices & Commercial

Office space & commercial building air quality and exposure monitoring services

Indoor air quality of a modern house


We provide our services for the residential and domestic market, as well as our other industries

Local Authorities

Local Authorities

We often support local authorities and councils to maintain air quality and general health

Frequently Asked Questions

Air quality monitoring is when professionals make regular visits to businesses or homes in order to maintain air quality. This ensures that the environment inside will be conducive to living and working with minimal health risks.

A study from the World Health Organization found that air pollution is causing over 7 million premature deaths a year. Air pollution affects a lot of people because it can affect everyone’s lungs and heart, and it can cause many illnesses. This is especially true for our children, who have a smaller lung capacity and are more susceptible to this type of harm. We should all be aware of how much the air we breathe also impacts our health.

Air quality consultants are becoming increasingly important in our world, where asthma rates are on the rise, people with complex medical needs need clean air, and construction projects are releasing airborne irritants. Air quality is having a definite effect on human health. As more professionals become aware of the importance of indoor air quality they are taking expert advice to help their clients maintain excellent indoor air which can be achieved through upgrading your building materials, eliminating radon gas and implementing ventilation systems. They also help find the right products and solutions for your home or office!

The point of an air quality consultant is that they provide a systematic approach for creating cleaner indoor air by exploring solutions such as eliminating radon gas, achieving ventilation systems with extra filters to purify.

Air quality is important, which is why Environmental Monitors have entered the air quality business. We offer air monitoring services that are both cost-effective and highly accurate.

Good air quality can mean better health, less illness, productivity at work or school, fewer accidents on the road or the job site. While many people know about indoor air quality issues associated with mould or bacteria, fewer are aware of the importance of outdoor airflow to keep us healthy. With systems installed by Environmental Monitors’ licensed professionals working to solve this issue, you can enjoy living spaces inside and outside that have plenty of fresh natural air flow no matter what season it is!