Industrial Air Quality

Factory Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality is important in factories because it can affect the health of the workers. Air pollution is an issue that many people don’t think about or understand, but it does have a major impact on our lives. It has been linked to illnesses such as asthma and chronic bronchitis.

By monitoring air quality in factories, companies can make sure that their employees aren’t being exposed to dangerous levels of pollutants. This is important because if workers are constantly breathing in polluted air, they face a greater chance of developing respiratory issues due to the effects of poor air quality (EPA).

Why Choose Us

Our air quality consultants are environmental health professionals with extensive knowledge of the science of air pollution, especially in the Industrial sector and within factories. We are committed to promoting awareness about unhealthy environments, pollutants, exposure risks and how people can make a difference in their own environment. 

We work closely with our clients to advise and educate, after finding out what they are wanting to achieve. We carry out tests to measure the quality of the air in specific environments to identify any pollutants and exposure risks and offer solutions to prevent them. We also work with clients to find products and solutions that fit their needs, such as air filtering machines, filtration devices and home ventilation systems.

Why is Air Quality Important for Factories?

One of the most important things for workers in a factory is air quality. Pollution and smoke can irritate their lungs, causing them to work harder than they need to. For that reason, companies who want their employees to be happy and productive will invest in environmental monitors which measure the air pollution inside the factory. With these monitors, they can make sure that employees are not being exposed to unhealthy levels of pollutants such as dust or gas fumes which could lead to lung damage over time.

It’s critical for any company with factories on-site or near residential areas (such as chemical plants) to monitor its own emissions and take steps like improving ventilation systems if necessary in order to prevent this from happening and protect people’s health in the nearby area. The consequences of ignoring regulations can be costly, as well – if caught by the government, the company could face heavy fines for negligence.

How Can We Help?

At Environmental Monitors, we can help by using a variety of different tools, such as portable gas detectors, lead testers, and noise meters to monitor different levels of exposure in and around factories. This way we can provide a report as to whether or not there is anything that needs to be addressed before it becomes a real problem for anyone.

While some people might think that environmental monitoring is just another added expense associated with an already-expensive industry, if done properly from the start, these costs can actually save money down the line by preventing problems from happening at all. Plus it’s not just about the company’s bottom line, but also worker safety.

Services We Provide

Air Quality

Real-time monitoring and reporting for outdoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and reporting for indoor air quality

Stack Emission Monitoring

Stack Emission Monitoring

Performance and emission level testing

Landfill Remediation Monitoring

Landfill & Remediation Monitoring

Collecting, analysing and processing data

Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Protecting workers health by monitoring substances on site

Gas and Chemical

Gas & Chemical Monitoring

Monitoring & analysing chemicals and gas in the air

Dust Monitoring


Monitoring particulates like pm2.5 & pm10

Noise Monitoring


Assisting with adhering to sound specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Air quality monitoring is when professionals make regular visits to businesses or homes in order to maintain air quality. This ensures that the environment inside will be conducive to living and working with minimal health risks.

Often, an air quality monitor can be used to check for visible pollutants such as dust, smoke and other particles. These types of monitors typically provide information on particle counting, temperature and humidity. There are also chemical testing devices that can be plugged into electrical outlets found in the workplace or at home to determine what’s in the air. Other devices that are used in this process include charcoal filters, ionization or electrostatic filters for particulates in the air. Oxygen concentrators in gas work areas to protect workers from nitrogen dioxide and combustible gas leaks can also be found within the industry.

Air quality consultants are becoming increasingly important in our world, where asthma rates are on the rise, people with complex medical needs need clean air, and construction projects are releasing airborne irritants. Air quality is having a definite effect on human health. As more professionals become aware of the importance of indoor air quality they are taking expert advice to help their clients maintain excellent indoor air which can be achieved through upgrading your building materials, eliminating radon gas and implementing ventilation systems. They also help find the right products and solutions for your home or office!

The point of an air quality consultant is that they provide a systematic approach for creating cleaner indoor air by exploring solutions such as eliminating radon gas, achieving ventilation systems with extra filters to purify.