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A unique Real time Remote Dust and NO2 plus other gas monitor and Real time remote Noise, Dust and Vibration monitors with alarm settings

Many local authorities and other public bodies now require construction, demolition, earth works and other work to be monitored for noise, dust and vibration. This was originally laid out in the 1974 control of pollution act under section 61 and later in 2011 London’s Implementation Framework and supplemented in 2014 by the Mayor of London’s Guide.

This is called the SPG – Supplementary Planning Guide. It sets out methods for assessing the impact on air quality from construction and demolition emissions.

It also aimed to introduce a new non road, mobile machinery ultra low emission zone (ULEZ).

The local planning authority may also be involved to negotiate appropriate plans for the control of dust and other emissions

Key Pollutants

Continuous monitoring of noise, vibration and dust levels is generally associated with demolition and construction works.

Dust & Fine Particulate

Noise Pollution